Aanoolee Remembrance Day (aka Harma fi harka Muraa Aannoole)- September 15
is a national day of commemoration, on which the colonizing army of emperor Menelik of Ethiopia systematically, callously and savagely cut off the right breast of women and girls and the right hand of men and boys of several thousand Oromos. The aim of the colonizing army was to create terror and deep psychological wound aimed at forcing the Arsii Oromos to unconditionally surrender.

On September 15, at noon, in an annual ritual for the Aanoole Remembrance Day, Oromo-Canadians of Ottawa will come to a standstill and bow their heads for two minutes to honor the ‘Harma fi harka muraa Aannole’ victims.

For Oromos of all walks of life, the two-minute tribute offers of a moment to remember the victims and focus on an image that dreaded period represents to them. It’s a solemn duty of every Oromo to tell the story of Harma fi harka Mura Aanoole, so that generations yet unborn will never forget their sufferings as well as the brutality, cruelty, savagery and inhumanness of the Ethiopian army under the leadership of Menilik II.

Calanqoo Remembrance Day – February 6

On this solemn day of remembrance, at noon, Oromo-Canadians of Ottawa will come to a standstill and bow their heads for two minutes to honor thousands of Oromos massacred by the Ethiopian colonial army at Calanqoo.

We remember not only a fact of history, but we rededicate ourselves to the unfinished business of the Oromo national struggle. We must teach the current and future generations to ensure that those memories are never lost.

Over five million innocent Oromo men, women and children were massacred at the hands of the Abyssinians during the most heinous chapter in Oromo history – colonization. Through indescribable atrocities, the fundamental and universal principles of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law were desecrated. We pay tribute to the courage of the Oromo people in that time of gravest peril. It reminds us of the sheer scale of the genocide, in which more than half of the Oromo population was massacred.

Oromo Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day (Guyyaa Goototaa Oromoo) – April 15

Every year on April 15, Oromos of all walk of life pause in a silent moment of remembrance for the gallant Oromo men and women who gave their lives and their future in defense of Oromiyaa. Since 1984, April 15 has been designated as a memorial day to commemorate the fallen Oromo heroes and heroines. The spirit of our heroes live in us and we honour them for ever.