OMN 4th Year Anniversary Celebration in Ottawa

As you all know, OMN fourth year anniversary is being celebrated across the glob from US, Europe, Africa to Pacific. The cause of the celebration is simple, OMN is bringing all Oromo together from around the world and makes us united. It is a non-partisan institution that Oromo has and depends on with full trust and confidence for accurate and up to date information from Oromia.
In order for OMN continuously provide excellent service to Oromians, we must come and support such a great media that our people depends on 100 percent. OMN Ottawa Chapter is inviting you and your loved ones to come and celebrate together OMN‘s forth year anniversary.
Guest speakers: Jawar Mohamed,  Ezekiel Gebissa and Jaffer Ali
Date: April 29, 2018
Location:  Ottawa Masonic Center 2140 Walkley Road.
Time: 2 – 6 PM